You’re a ROCK STAR!

You have it all and you take care of it all – home, family, career and that small piece of paradise that is your vacation home. No one can take care of your vacation rental better than you or make more knowledgeable decisions.

But managing your property from a distance can be time-consuming and stressful.

Why not let a FELLOW vacation rental OWNER help you out? At Up At Sunrise VRA LLC we understand what it’s like not just to go through the management tasks but to experience the pride and the challenges of owning an investment property. Make a new friend on Okaloosa Island and gain peace of mind.

You live hours away… Who is watching over your property on Okaloosa Island, Florida?  Let us take on that duty.

Why Up At Sunrise VRA?

  • PERSONALIZED APPROACH TO OWNERS AND GUESTS: call or message any time. Open communication is key for understanding the needs and preference of each client. Let’s get to know each other by first name.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Managing only a small select number of properties allows us to become as familiar with your property as we are with our own rental homes. From the color scheme in each bedroom to the blender tucked in the back of the pantry, we closely monitor the condition of your property and promptly address any need for repairs or improvement.
  • INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: Maximizing the revenue stream from your rental is one of our top goals. Ongoing pricing and marketing analysis is a critical part of the vacation rental management process. Want to talk numbers? We’ll be happy to do so. Want to leave the number crunching to us instead? That’s OK too.
  • LOWER MANAGEMENT COSTS: We make money when you make money. We have no office fees or overhead. Minor Maintenance is included at no additional cost. We won’t bill you for light bulbs, AC filters or unclogging a sink drain. We know that keeping your property in good shape will generate more revenue.
  • ABOVE AND BEYOND: Whether a guest needs a special baby crib rental or you have a question at 6 am on a Sunday morning, we will be ready and available to assist. Providing exceptional customer care to owners and guests alike is a source of professional pride and a cornerstone of our approach to doing business. 

Some of the beautiful properties we manage:

We like to crunch numbers so you don't have to

There are a lot of moving parts and metrics involved in managing a vacation rental and optimizing the property's earnings potential.

Knowing the market is KEY! We continuously track and “check-up” on “competitor properties”, evaluate pricing strategies and test new marketing approaches. Pricing too low leaves potential rental profits on the table. Pricing too high scares guests away and creates unwanted vacancy. Is seasonal pricing appropriate for your property? If so, how do you stack up next to your neighbors?

If you market your vacation rental property on HomeAway, VRBO and any of the other affiliated sites, you have already noticed that there are thousands of properties similar to yours competing for the same guests. So how do you get your listing to show up higher in customer searches? A well constructed listing site, prompt responses and excellent guest relations management are key.